Phulpur: The Meaning, The Outcomes and The Reply from UP-ites

Phulpur: the Meaning, the Outcomes, the Reply from UP-ites

A great number of things have been said and discussed about the recent rally of Rahul Gandhi at Phulpur. I wanted to see it through my eyes that, in turn, have come out as this blog.

First of all I must say that the rally was in Allahabad City instead of Phulpur. It was held at Trivenipuram (Jhusi) which comes in Phulpur Parliamentary constituency though, is a part of Allahabad city. People may ask what if it comes within the city. But, in my opinion it was a deliberate attempt in recognizing it as Phulpur while having it in Allahabad. It indicates congress somewhere accepts that they have not any presence in the rural areas of UP. Phulpur is a Tehsil place and gathering, even in Rahul’s meeting was such a big problem for congress that in a much hyped rally they didn’t want to take any risk.

The other dispute has risen due to the denigrate comments Rahul probably made in deliriousness. Whatever he said in his very dramatic and rhetoric oration has become a matter of angrily discussions. He asked to the people until when they keep going to beg in Maharastra and Panjab. Moreover, he asked whether they feel angry at their plights or not. But, at the same time he forgot the plights generated by his own party’s government at center. He had to keep in mind that whenever he condemns the state govt, may be he is not, but the audiences start remembering the UPA govt as well. Whenever he reminds that the miseries of UP people are due to the congress not being in power for last 21 years, people start thinking over the miseries caused by the UPA govt as well. Whenever he says mafia drives UP, they memorize all those or their fathers, brothers etc. have had been in congress.

The irony of Rahul Gandhi is he is completely ignorant of Indira and Rajiv’s UP. The criminalization of UP’s politics is not new and have not yet gone to the level what Bihar had to face before Nitish Kumar. It is actually as the same as in other states. Besides this the criminalization in UP has developed in a different manner. Criminals fight with each other but do not touch the common men. That is why this issue does not touch that much as people do not find themselves much affected by their activities. They have become habitual to this fact.

The people of UP do not get angry at their plights because they always keep try to search the solutions of their problems by their own efforts esp. they who belongs to the Eastern UP. The people of Phulpur got their MP as the PM of this country for 16 consecutive years. Even then they had got nothing in return. They have been used to the fact that they should not expect from their MP’s and MLA’s except few hand-pumps. The other thing noticeable is, whoever has been in the govt, the development at gross root level infrastructure have never been stopped. Although there may have been less industrial development yet this is a fact that never has affected UP. Because they never search the jobs in a confined area, for that they can go anywhere in India. This trend is something that people could not even remember when had started. It is an age-old tradition for them. So, while Rahul Gandhi recognizes it like begging from others, for them it is simply like selling their services and a part of life.

Rahul Gandhi’s all attempts and criticism of current govt become futile when one considers the current political scenario in UP. People know that congress is not in the situation to form the govt and can increase some seats only. They know that they’ll ultimately have to support either Mayawati or to sit as opposition. This is the fact why they would not like to vote them in 2012 at least. If somehow Rahul Gandhi would be able to become PM in 2014, then congress will definitely do better in 2017, but if NDA would form the govt at centre 2017 would also be difficult to make a revival.

Another irony of Rahul Gandhi is that he wants everything back in UP by his sole efforts instead of making every leader active in their respective areas. All the big leaders have stuck themselves with him in his rallies and tours. Nobody dare or care to suggest him anything and possibly he do not even ask them too. He has Digvijay Singh as his only adviser who does not understand the psychology of UP’s people. Due to this congress has completely failed in providing a good alternative against BSP and Samajvadi Party in UP at least till now. Moreover, congress does not have any leader in the state of the stature as Mayawati and Mulayam Singh are in UP.

Even Rahul Gandhi himself yet to get the stature that these two leaders have, despite the media being very biased to him by giving him a great deal of coverage and prominence. His euphoric orations with puerile antics are not so touchy that one can assume him as a game changer except for some of our media giants who are trying hard to establish Rahul Gandhi as the hope of common men. But, it is the common man who ultimately has to decide it and for them he has nothing except putting some temporary impact through his gimmicks. The few support he has got among the youth through his visits at different universities lost after his long silence over Anna & Baba Ramdev’s movements. If trends at Twitter and Facebook can be assumed as the indication of what urban youths think about Rahul Gandhi, then he hardly has any support left among them. As for the rural UP, they do not find any newness in his speeches except being more dramatic than other’s and sarcastically debatable on TV to find the implications out what he alludes.

People can not attach themselves what Rahul says in his orations because the actual condition, in their opinion, is not as bad as he often describes. People of UP are not gullible Rahul Ji. You should simply say like; give now congress a chance and it will give UP a better governance instead of playing vendetta politics. The mare criticism of the govt is something not going to work in UP.