A Slap: Sounds a Little, Echoes Great



In course of writing this blog a parody of famous song is striking continuously in my mind; Chantaa Lagaaa… (Oh, I got slapped…) and the equally famous dialogue by Dr. Dang of film KARMA, “Is Thappad Ki Gunj Tumhe Apane Ghar Tak Sunaii Degi… (You would hear the echo of this slap right at your home). I can not say when Sharad Power got slapped by Harvinder Singh it echoed at his home or not, but still echoing inMaharashtra as well as in other parts of the country.

It is not the first instance when a politician gets assaulted like this. Bush junior, French President Nicolas Sarkozy,Pakistan’s Premier, former minister of Telecommunication Sukhram, our Home Minister PC Chidambaram and many others had to face it before. But the trend of slapping is a new discovery. Earlier people used to throw slippers and shoes. To slap one has to reach close to the target while shoes or slippers can be thrown from a distance. One can easily save himself by ducking the slipper similarly as a batsman ducks the bouncers in cricket, however, it is difficult a bit to avoid a slap.

It is difficult to trace the origin of slapping tradition. It is even older than the earliest written chronicles of human history came to existence. I have tried to search in the oldest assumed books, “The Rigveda” and “The Zend Avesta”, but failed to find any instances of its origin. A deep research is really needed.

The hands as well as palm of human being are a very peculiar and useful organ provided by the God (I am not talking about congress’ hand). One can do a great number of positive or negative stuffs using them. Using them to slap someone is a great example of its multi-dimensional utility. A slap strikes at chicks though, pains at heart. It can be of different characteristics’ depending upon who is being slapped by and who is slapping. In our country the children, esp. those who study in the schools run by government and municipal corporations have great chances of being slapped. By each such slap they become more experienced and learned. We had many people in our history who become great because of slaps. Just one push and slap made Vishnugupta a Chanakya. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi became Mahatma Gandhi after having been pushed out from the first class coach inSouth Africa. But slaps, pushes, scolding can bring constructive changes in a person only with dignity. It is not for those who are shameless.

It is not easy to anticipate if Harvinder Singh wanted Sukhram and Sharad Pawar to make better human being or not, but I am sure they will remain the same. We know that the slap does not raise any wave in Sukhram’s conscience as he has filed a bail plea in High Court within next two days, nor any hope from Pawar as we have again scene what happened inMaharashtra.

Harvinder has exposed all, from leaders to media to society. He is angry with the increasing corruption and price rise, and our leaders preaching us rhetorically instead of taking actions.The government’s argument can be accepted to some extent that the global condition is not in favor, but where are the steps that people want to see to check these issues. They cannot accept ridiculous excuses and absurd orations any more. The thing that most hurts them is the body language and the words people from congress party use. Anyone who raises his voice the whole government and party go after it and try to prove him a naive, corrupted and dishonest.

There is no reason to be disagreeing with the arguments given by prudent people that the violence is not acceptable in a civil society. Is being corrupt is a civil behavior? Is breach of faith on the part of those entrusted with public trust not mental assault? Does slapping is still a violence in reference of changing situations and society? Non violence and values have to be scene to be practiced not merely preached. People follow what their elders show them by their practices. Leaders set standards by their deeds. What would they learn if scene having some sycophant netas (leaders), that too the central ministers thrashing a young man like hell publicly and justifying later it on TV and print media? If you have started pulling off someone’s shirt, you have no moral right left with to complain he is pulling off your paint or lungi. Harvinder too had not found any thing wrong in slapping Sukhram and Sharad Pawar. He accomplished the job that many wanted to do. He exposed how our entire establishment, from government to media, cut off from common man.

We trust our politicians and let them decide the fate of our country. They are not doing their duty honestly. In most of the people’s opinion they deserve more humiliation. Who is responsible to let this situation come? It is clear from the reaction the majority of the people have not condemned it. There are many who are happy with. And some still is complaining that Harvindar has not chosen the right target. Normally, I do not support this kind of stuffs, but my conscience do not allowed me to condemn it. I am not different from the society after all and think like what many others do. I am also affected by the things happening in the country. I cannot slap any body so as why to condemn it.

The time has come now that government along with all political parties should take appropriate steps. People are abysmally hurt with increasing corruption and raising prices. They would not like to see mere debates on these issues; they want action. If they have had lokpal by now anger amongst people would have subsided. As all parties in opposition are agree with a strong lokpal people assuming congress as the only hampering element. Congress should get a strong lokpal bill passed as soon as possible. People don’t want to hear the mal-arguments given by the congress party’s spoke persons. They should stop making stray remarks and have to understand the indications and importance of this slap and be reformative in their practices instead of being sarcastic over opposition and social media or else, they have to face many such instances. Every slap does say a little.




2 thoughts on “A Slap: Sounds a Little, Echoes Great

  1. Sudhendu, nicely laid out facts construed from bona fide facts taken from across a spectrum of history pertinent to *SLAP*!. Well done Sir.

    Well, it is rather sad that an eminent minister, both in age and experience, becomes prey to the sentimental outburst of a citizen of the nation. At the same time, it is imperative to ponder over as to why was such an outburst displayed? Does it not imply that there lacks something very seriously wrong in the policies and procedures of governance being undertaken by a central government, elected by the voters of the nation with a trust to govern them and their country to its zenith? But, when they digress from their mission and abuse the power in hand to their personal benefits with utter disregard to their voters or the nation, a rebuttal of sentiment is bound to happen. In the case of the *Pawar Slap* it was just an exhibition of that pent up anger of the helpless public. Not just anger, but their frustration and inability to do anything to adversely counter or set right the wrong that is being meted out to them.

    It is definitely a precedent that is undemocratic and unhealthy in every sense to undertake. Democracy does not prescribe such acts of violence by the citizens against anyone. There is a system in place to address and take care of moral deviations. While I certainly empathize with Harvinder Singh, it is not proper to have dared slap the Minister, however justifiably apt that slap meant.

    By the same token I would say that, currently, our nation is under despotic governance, ruled by an oligarchic group who decide for the electorate with obdurate disdain everything that is wrong and incorrect. Hence, in that context, Slap we must, to bring them to book, where the system has failed to do so. Harbinder Singh stands vindicated in that sense.

    The repercussion of this very justifiable slap was the systematic targeting of *Sikhs* by NCP cadres all over India. Now, had the slapper been a Muslim, would the NCP cadres gone on and attacked every Muslim in the Nation – Nay, Never! Vote bank pseudo politics will predominate that sentiment and the *SLAP* will be pardoned tamely. Anyway, that is a subject of discussion all together and not pertinent here. I just mentioned it to be recorded, yet, ignored!

    To conclude, your analysis is commendable. Well done and do continue to raise national issues that pertain to us common people. Great job!


  2. This is precisely the important information I’d been searching for. Incredible blog. Very inspirational! Your posts are so good and also detailed. The links you come with are also very beneficial as well. Many thanks 🙂

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